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My eldest daughter started playing cello 6 years ago. By the introduction of our private teacher, she joined Kinder Orchestra of COS 2 months after her first cello lesson. When we met Dr. Ma and maestro Dadap for the 1st time, we immediately knew this is the place where we wanted to bring up our kids musically. I have sat in every orchestra rehearsals when she progressed from Kinder to YSE. Buy one get one free. Not that bad! I have to admit that I learn to appreciate not only the beauty of music but also how much kids have grown up over the years. The bonding among the peers, the joy it has brought to our family, the time we spend together with the COS family are indeed priceless. Thank you Yeou-Cheng and Michael!
Daniel Y. Chang
The Children's Orchestra Society presents such delightful experiences! Close your eyes and travel through auditory stories and soundscapes in myriad points in time and space. Open your eyes and you would not guess that these young people are not paid professionals. That's a testament to their dedication to musical excellence and their mastery of their expression. It's also the direct result of months and years of patiently honing the skill to elicit the precise union of sound, body, and creative expression desired.
No wonder the first place I experienced COS was at Carnegie Hall! That particular experience stayed with me for several years. In this world of discord and strain, it is wonderful to have these performances available to experience another side of life.
My hat is off to Maestro Michael Dadap, Yeou-Cheng Ma, and all the teachers through the years devoted to helping young people master the language of music. Your efforts help shape a hopeful future. Five Stars!
Baylan Megino
Our daughter was a member of COS through her high school years at La Guardia performing arts school. Those were the years were her devotion to music, practice ability to work hard formed her as a musician and a person. The atmosphere of COS, leadership of the orchestra helped her to become a person she became now. There is no task, goal or destination she will shy of. The skills she acquired at COS really shaped her as a person .
Emma Kinev
The COS was founded well over a generation ago to help young musicians learn how to perform in ensemble, and it has utterly succeeded. To hear them perform is to make you realize how many truly gifted youngsters there are who aspire to high levels of musicianship and performance. It is so worth supporting, even if one cannot attend its performances.
José Moreno-Lacalle
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