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Facts and Figures About COS

COS Timeline

COS Founded in 1962

The Children's Orchestra Society was founded in 1962 by Dr. Hiao-Tsiun Ma, who conducted the orchestra until his retirement in 1977. 

COS Revival in 1984

Dr. Yeou-Cheng Ma & Michael Dadap revived Children's Orchestra Society in Fresh Meadows, New York.  There was only one orchestra made up of 18 students of all skill levels.

YSE Started in 1990

The Young Symphonic Ensemble was formed.

Discovery Concert Series Started in 1994

The first Discovery Concert Series was held at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center, featuring the first Discovery Competition winner, Olivia Martinez.

What Instruments Do COS Students Play?

Some of our students play multiple instruments. At COS, there are 4 Orchestras. Kinder and Sinfonia have mostly string players. JSE and YSE have string players, wind and brass players, and percussion. We have openings for violins, violas, double bass, wind, brass and percussion players. (Data from 2017-18 fall)

What Colleges Do COS Students Attend?

Many of our graduates continue to play music. But what colleges did they attend? (Cumulative data from 1984-2016, based on 606 students)

What Ethnicities Are Represented At COS?

Many nationalities are represented at COS, with some families who combine different ethnicities, adding to the rich culture of the children. (Data from 2016-17)

What School Grades Do COS Students Attend?

COS places students in their 4 orchestras according to their playing levels, not necessarily according to their age or grade level. There is no lower age limit to any of our orchestras. An advanced young child can place in the senior orchestra, as long as he or she can last through the entire rehearsal. (Data from 2017-18 Fall)


COS is a child-centered organization, and welcomes a wide spectrum of cultures and nationalities, and strives to find the best placement for a child, taking account a child's temperament and learning style. All children are encouraged to strive for their personal best, rather than competing with their peers. 100% of our students go to college, and 25% of them attend Ivy League Schools.

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