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2023-24 Scholarship Application

Application for Merit Scholarship/Financial Aid

The Children’s Orchestra Society Review was established to provide need-based assistance to students enrolled at COS. The value of the reward varies depending upon the student’s need for financial assistance.  In addition to financial need, criteria such as academic performance, motivation, and leadership potential will be considered when selecting recipients for merit scholarships.

To demonstrate financial need, all parents/guardians must complete and submit the financial information portion of this application. All financial information given to COS will be considered personal and confidential. Under no circumstances will COS release such financial information to a third party without written consent of the parents/guardians. Financial need is the difference between your registration costs, as authorized by the parent/guardian, and your parent’s/guardian’s expected contribution. A special scholarship committee will determine awards accordingly.

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A confidential financial aid form must accompany the merit portion of the application even though a merit scholarship is not requested. Please fill out the next form through the link below:

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